31 May 2008

Arushi murder case :the insensitiveness of mainstream media and the police.

aarushi,age 14,an innocent looking beautiful girl was killed in Noida,one of the fastest growing satellite towns of Delhi,last week.until the news broke no one knew aarushi.today she is a household name for reasons aarushi would have even in her worst nightmares ever dreamed of. aarushi murder case is one of the darkest episode in the history of Indian middle class conscience. the way media has treated this whole episode is not only unacceptable,but also unethical. the mainstream media has been corrupted beyond limitations.today news channels are established as news+entertainment business.the business concern has become so great,the lure of TRP ratings has become so powerful,that every ideological or ethical concern has become dispensable.the aarushi murder case reporting is yet another example of the fact that media can scandalise anything and everything for its profit. the role of UP police in this case has not been any better.the police in an apparent haste of getting the murder mystery solved,resorted to the tactics of character assassination of a dead 14 year old girl.we don't know what the truth is.what the police is saying may not be completely wrong,but we expected a more restrained approach from the police. any agency which is assigned the duties of looking after these type of sensitive case must keep in its mind that every word uttered in front of media reaches to millions of household where lacs of aarushi are trying to give shape to their dreams. we certainly cannot shield anybody in the name of keeping the moral value of the society intact,but our response to the prevalent sleaze in the society must be more measured one.we cannot give anybody the right to scandalize grave issues like this. i believe the time has come for everybody to come forward and speak up against these practices.