6 March 2009

Slumdog Millionaire(PART 1 OF 3 PART SERIES)

Slumdog Millionaire wins Golden Globe and then ascends all the way to conquer the Academy awards .Great news.Really??? Why not?The film is made in India.The story is based on India.An Indian reality show which was credited for unleashing unlimited hope among common Indians has been used as the tool of story telling.Its castes are Indian.The technical crew is largely from India. A R REHMAN is the music composer and the lyricist is none other than one and only GULZAR.So three cheers for Slumdog Millionaire.Hip hip hurrah........
just wait..........Please put on hold the cheering for a while..Can you recall the last occasion when We,the Indians celebrated a triumph which gave us that special pride of being an Indian .I know for many of you it may sound ridiculous and for someone it may even turn out to be disturbing.Was it India's successful foray into the select club of nations with the successful launch of India's moon mission -- CHANDRAYAAN-,or was it T-20 cricket world championship victory against arch rivals Pakistan.Or was it VISHWANATHAN ANAND going on to win world chess championship.hmmmmm...Perhaps ABHINAW BINDRA winning the first individual gold for the nation in Olympics...........not really...in fact many of us are least bothered,even ignorant about our space achievements,many of us still don,t know who ABHINAW BINDRA is ,in spite of various state governments putting up big hoardings of Abhinaw Bindra in state capitals and facilitating him for his maverick performance..,I guess for many of you it could be kalpana Chawla's space travel,or Sunita William's space journey,particularly with the news circulating around that she has taken with her an Indian dish -SAMOSA.Let me guess again....Was it the piece of news which informed that we have more billionaires and millionaires than Chaina.or perhaps the news that Mukesh Armani has become the wealthiest person on the globe in terms of market capitalization. Or perhaps the news that Indians are the largest professional community in America serving the multinational countries.Or was it the news that,we are the the telephone exchange of the world and most of the service offered by American MNCs are, in all its probability served from India with smile.Or was it the news ,that many in the team of first black president of America BARAC OBAMA are of Indian origin. Oh please, let some morbid thoughts come into my mind and let me guess again. Was it ,the TIMES OF India's proud headline which described this year's flood in KOSI, one of the most devastating floods ever witnessed by humankind as KATERINA OF INDIA. Or the Bombay terror strike being dubbed as India's 9/11.

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